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Stress Management and Reduction: Internal and External Stress

ANYTHING that invokes a stress response will eventually lead to loss of homeostasis and a dis-ease process. Eventually you may suffer a loss of normal function (organs and systems mal-function) and symptoms will appear. I find it very important to make the distinction between internal and external stressors.

When anyone says the word “stress”, most people automatically think of such things as job, spouse, kids, parents, traffic, financial or some other form of mental or emotional stress. Truly, it’s very important how you handle these external forms of stress.

Reed Davis does not claim to be an authority on mental and emotional stress. More likely, he will help you uncover underlying chemical, hormonal or some physiological reason – or hidden internal stressors – that make you feel stressed, depressed, anxious, moody, irritable, lethargic or otherwise feeling like you have mental or emotional problems.

For those who do have mental blocks, phobias, fears, emotional attachments to unhealthy behavior and other such psychological factors, you might seek a referral from someone you trust, or consider following Reed’s favorite way to help deal with mental and emotional problems: It’s called EFT!


Many clients and friends have benefited from EFT sessions. I hope you are just as happy as I was with how simple and effective this type of therapy is. And how easy is to be free of the emotional entrapments that prevent you from succeeding in your health goals. Or any goals. It works for me!

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