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Identify and Eliminate Hidden Internal Stressors

We know that hidden internal stressors are the most overlooked causes of poor health. We can help you reduce or eliminate both!

ANYTHING that invokes a stress response will eventually lead to loss of homeostasis and a dis-ease process. Eventually you may suffer a loss of normal function (organs and systems mal-function) and symptoms will appear.

Reed Davis, like the “Colombo” of health, will guide you to uncover your hidden internal stressors. By identifying:

  • bacteria
  • viruses
  • parasites
  • fungi
  • food and food additive sensitivities

…you may take steps to eliminate these insidious sources of poor health and loss of quality of life.

Based on your personal history, your main complaints and what may be uncovered using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Reed Davis will help you select the proper lab kits to continue the path to optimum health and function.

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